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IU - Feature Comparison tool

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on

  Another great feature of the installer portal which is the feature comparison tool. This is great to use in conjunction with the brand match selector whereby you may be on site completing a survey...

IU - Brand Match Selector

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on

  The Brand Match Selector tool feature is excellent for when you are on site completing a survey and the customer may have already had a plan from another supplier or they have been into a...

Kitchen Wirework Options

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on

Adding wirework to units especially corner units drastically helps to maximise usable storage space and accessibility. Our stylish and ingenious wirework solutions are suitable for all areas of the kitchen. Each item is designed to provide...

What are the different types of toilets?

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on

Don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right toilet for your bathroom. We work with a range of leading manufacturers to offer leading products at great prices. Our toilet options cover all bathroom types, styles...

What Type of Worktop should I choose?

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on

Choosing the right worktop is probably the most important decision to make during the planning of your kitchen. Not only do you have to consider the colour but whether the worktop will withstand all the...