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IU - Brand Match Selector

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on
IU - Brand Match Selector


The Brand Match Selector tool feature is excellent for when you are on site completing a survey and the customer may have already had a plan from another supplier or they have been into a showroom and seen a range there that they liked. 

What you will be able to do from the side menu is choose the brand match selector which will then open up a screen with most of the main suppliers on. 

From here you can select the company that they have been to, select the range and this will then open up a new window which will showcase the perfect match.

This is the nearest equivalent product that you can supply that matches what they have seen. 


The first screen gives an overview of the product where you can show the customer that it is in fact a perfect match and when you then explore the range you will be able to see further features such as, lifestyle images, colours available and additional product information.

Show the customer and then explore the range, go through the images with them and colours and then you will from here be able to start to plan the room.

All the main manufactures, suppliers and competitors are included and all their ranges within so you should be able to find the perfect match for any style that you encounter. 

Its a really powerful tool and one that can be used with the features comparison tool which we have done a video for in Installer university. 

I hope that this has been useful and let us know if you have any questions, but it's a really good idea to have a look around this section of our installer portal

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