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How to complete the perfect survey and quote

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on
How to complete the perfect survey and quote


You may have found your way to this video from the video, that's called 10 ways to win work without a showroom where we referenced coming to watch this video. If you have just come straight to the video, that's fine, but watch the other one as well.

The purpose of this video, is to demonstrate how the perfect survey and quote increases the chances of winning the job.

So in the 10 ways video, we talk about doing the survey properly however this video explains how to do survey properly and it just makes sure that while you're there, the best things are happening and you've got the best chance of walking away with an impressed customer.

We hope that the video is useful and we're going to keep you updated with lots more useful videos so keep checking back and we will see you soon.





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