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IU - Feature Comparison tool

Posted by Aaron Dronsfield on
IU - Feature Comparison tool


Another great feature of the installer portal which is the feature comparison tool.

This is great to use in conjunction with the brand match selector whereby you may be on site completing a survey and the customer may have already had a plan from another supplier or they have been into a showroom and seen a range there that they liked. 

After using the brand match selector to identify the perfect match you can then use the features comparison tool to demonstrate to the customer the difference in quality. 

From the side menu select features comparison tool which will then open up a new window where we can select the door style of the perfect match. 

You can then look at a feature to compare from material , thickness, surface finish and edging. 

You can also demonstrate the cab comparisons such as thickness, back panel thickness and edging on the cabinet so you will be able to demonstrate why it is a sensible choice for the customer to purchase the kitchen from you rather than a substandard product from elsewhere. 

So again this is just another really good tool within the installer portal to help you demonstrate to the customer the benefits of you supplying and installing their new kitchen.



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